Leverage your enterprise-scale data with world-class data analytics

With every engagement, we apply world-class data analytics, technology and business-level applications to capture our clients’ most important opportunities. Our approach does not just provide recommendations – we deliver all the way to end-user implementation and take accountability for your real business results.


Analytics and Research


What could you do with all the data you have? What insights are waiting to be unlocked? Where do you have data gaps that need to be filled? These are the types of questions we’ve been helping companies solve for over twenty years. Data and analytics lie at the heart of modern business strategy, and Fulcrum is the trusted partner of leading companies seeking to harness their power for competitive advantage. Whether it’s starting simply with an audit of your current data and systems, creating data through a market research program, or building cutting edge solutions with big data technologies and advanced analytics, our approach maximizes the value of your information.

We combine cutting edge methodological development with practical implementation of traditional methods to create efficient, high-impact analytical solutions. We offer an agile team of statisticians who understand that the latest methods mean nothing without results. We also know that analytics works best when modelers understand the relevant business goals, so we work closely with end-users to identify unique challenges and needs. This collaboration helps us offer customized methods to meet business needs, get results and move your business forward.

Data and analytics only work if they can get to the people who use them to make decisions. We integrate our workbench of business-level web applications with your systems. This facilitates fast translation of data and analytics into an operationalized business infrastructure – all without taxing your internal team with extended custom development projects. We make sure our applications are set to collect information – as well as provide it – creating a feedback loop to continually improve the process. This bi-directional structure allows your team to test and iterate at the same level as today’s leading digital technology companies.