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  • Utilizing Predictive Analytics in Retail to Increase Sales

    The retail industry by nature is centered around the constant application of big data, descriptive analytics, and predictive analytics to ensure customers return and spend money. Think about it, which other markets are as volatile and season driven than retail? […]

  • Introducing DSAT 2.5 – Fulcrum’s 2.5 FTE Data Science Acceleration Team

    Data science is imperative for maximizing growth and profitability, but few organizations can afford a team than can cover the depth and breadth of data science skills they may need. Complex data engineering, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms/dashboard […]

  • 5 of Our Favorite Open Source Visualization Tools

    As we begin to draw closer to the end of 2017, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the collection and application of data is more important than ever for businesses looking to continue to grow. The downside? As we continually discover […]

  • An Analytical Approach to Market Research

    Published by Tara Piazza, EVP, Fulcrum Analytics on January 26th, 2017 While the marketing industry has been steadily shifting toward a data-driven new reality, the marriage of observed data and custom-collected survey data has been adopted more slowly than might be […]

  • Data-Driven Personalized Digital Coupons for Grocery Stores

    Published by Richard Vermillion, CEO, Fulcrum Analytics on December 8th, 2016 Much has changed since Coca-Cola introduced the first coupon in 1887, but still nearly all consumers (96%) use print or digital coupons today. The high penetration of coupon usage across […]

  • Navigating the World of Big Data Analytics

    Published by Richard Vermillion, CEO, Fulcrum Analytics on November 4th, 2016 New analytics software and methods are developing at such a rapid pace that it’s difficult for the enterprise to keep up.  It’s impossible to learn about them all – but some […]

  • Drawing accurate conclusions from real-world experiments

    Published by Richard Vermillion, CEO, Fulcrum Analytics on July 27th, 2016 “Test, measure, and scale” has become the mantra for staying competitive in today’s business world. And while most enterprises don’t have a shortage of ideas, all have limited resources to test […]