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Our versatile expertise and capabilities can be applied to any horizontal, in any industry. We work with the top companies in the world to solve their toughest challenges and capture their most lucrative opportunities.

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We work across all industries, including:


Appliance: Predictive modeling; Direct mail marketing design and implementation; Market research and analytics; Ecommerce

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Automotive: Predictive modeling; Pricing

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Outdoor Power Equipment: Direct marketing campaign implementation and analytics

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Power Sports: Predictive modeling; Digital and direct marketing analytics

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Retail Banking: HR Analytics; Hadoop lab; Share of wallet; Customer research

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Investment Banking: Recommender systems

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Insurance: Fraud prediction; Dashboard development; Loss driver analytics

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Financial Services

Retail & Ecommerce

Customer Segmentation and research

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Personalized Marketing Design & Implementation

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Digital & Direct Marketing Analytics

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Product Sales Analysis

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Brand Comparison

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Customer Segmentation and Research

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Health Services

Marketing Roadmap & Sales Analysis

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Defection Risk Modeling

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Marketing ROI Research

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Horizontal Areas of Expertise



Risk Management


Make your marketing dollars more effective by targeting your best customers. Whether you’re offering discounts, sending a newsletter or increasing brand awareness, knowing who, what, when, where, why and how to most effectively communicate your message is key. We have experience researching, designing, implementing, managing and analyzing marketing campaigns and can help you build a campaign from scratch or fine tune your existing business plan. Regardless of industry, marketing is about getting the right message into the right hands and we can help you do that efficiently.

Maximize the efficiency of your sales resources. Whether you have hundreds of institutional customers or millions of retail customers, some are more ready than others to buy certain products. Fulcrum integrates transaction, web, demographic and external data in a system to prioritize the right product for the right client at the right time. We’ve done this in a number of industries with different types and amounts of data as well as vastly different costs of sales, time and revenue. Out-of-the-box recommender systems are a consistent disappointment since each implementation is different. We offer solutions customized to your business needs.

Internal or outsourced, you want to make sure that your risk estimate is accurate. We can help predict expenses, evaluate premiums and make recommendations for reserve amounts. In addition, we know that sometimes products fail but the key to mitigating those losses is early detection. We can analyze your data to identify risk drivers including products, customers or locations. Utilizing these results, you can adjust pricing, increase reserve or eliminate sales of costly products which, in turn, can increase profitability and end user loyalty. Let us help you estimate, mitigate and manage your risk.

Growing, maintaining or downsizing your company should be done strategically. Your sales, geographic presence, customer demographics, historical performance and supply/demand data allow us to help you optimize your business to increase sales and exposure. We have experience analyzing customer behavior, translating those findings into action and making recommendations about new locations, strategic closings, growth opportunities and high performing entities. Product availability is vital for brand awareness and customer engagement. Our distribution and logistics experience can help you maximize your visibility in the market.

We work across a large variety of industries. The above examples are given to provide a sense of how we verticalize our capabilities. We create specific, personalized solutions for every single engagement and look forward to helping you unlock your toughest challenges & opportunities.