The core objective of every engagement is bringing our clients to the forefront of data analytics. Our solutions enable companies to gain competitive advantage through data science and big data.


Analytical Consulting

We have a rich history of helping clients succeed through our analytical consulting and implementation services. We’ve helped insurance companies uncover business value buried under mountains of claims data, improved marketing efficiency for top retailers, priced and marketed service plans for the largest automakers in the world, and helped investment banks optimize their sales and trading operations. The end product always goes directly to business users. We implement marketing programs, create hands-on applications, and integrate analytics into your existing infrastructure. Let us help you unleash the power of analytics, either on a project or long-term basis. Learn more with our case study.

Market Research

Many times, marketers need data that does not exist, to combine with their big data use cases, analytical forecasting, and social analysis.  Furthermore, observation of behavioral data tells us what has happened and perhaps provides theories as to why it happened, but only the end customers themselves can tell us about motivation. The market research function at Fulcrum overlays onto these insights the consumer’s sentiments relating to the observed behavior, providing collection and analysis of “small data” to compliment the big data analysis. For more information, download our market research brochure.

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Agile Analytics Lab

Big data technologies and analytics can help companies of all sizes make enormously valuable data connections, but the learning curve and upfront investment prevent many from starting. Our Agile Analytics Lab gives you rapid, cost-effective access to technology, platforms, and expertise. Perfect for proofs-of-concept, evaluating new tools and techniques, and determining where to make more permanent investments. Learn more with our case study or get started today with a free consultation.

Anvil Cloud Enterprise

Anvil Cloud Enterprise facilitates the construction of enterprise-level data reservoirs, optimized for analytics. Designed to capture and store a wide array of data – web, marketing, transactional, unstructured, and legacy data – Anvil Cloud also gives you access to leading analytical tools that let you uncover new business insights. Unleash the potential of your analytics team, tap into our data science experts, or collaborate on leading edge techniques.