Comprehensive Retailer Analytics with Fulcrum RetailViewer™
Comprehensive Retailer Analytics with Fulcrum RetailViewer™

RetailViewer is a web based platform designed to automate the previously manual ad-hoc analysis process and provide a holistic view of retailer’s performance.

Using AI to Detect Data Anomalies
Using AI to Detect Data Anomalies

A Data Anomaly Detector should be more than just software. In Fulcrum’s case, it is a platform that will break up and run machine learning models simultaneously across a cluster of servers.

A Solution to Insurance Price Grading Challenges
A Solution to Insurance Price Grading Challenges

Our newly created app ClearGrade™ combines the best of data visualization and price modeling in an easy to use web-based platform.

Our Approach

For over twenty-five years, we have worked with top industry clients in insurance, banking, capital markets, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing who came to us with questions such as:

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How can we swiftly and effectively integrate external data sources making efficient use of our time, money, and internal resources?

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How can we use data science to increase the productivity of our human resources?

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How can we perform test and learn to achieve continuous improvement?

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How can we experiment with cutting edge software and technology to accelerate innovation?

Our seasoned data scientists and technology specialists help our clients achieve quick wins and long-lasting tools for success. Additionally, we provide high-performance technology platforms — leveraging Big Data and Cloud computing.

We pride ourselves in a hands-on, customized, consultative approach.

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Our Philosophy

Data, analytics and technology don't exist in a vacuum. They must be combined for maximum results. This is why we continue to seize opportunities to impact the well-being of your business by improving your data, process, systems and strategy.

Simply, our goal is to maximize the Value of Your Data.


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