Introducing DSAT 2.5 – Fulcrum’s 2.5 FTE Data Science Acceleration Team

Introducing DSAT 2.5 - Fulcrum’s 2.5 FTE Data Science Acceleration Team

November 16, 2017

Data science is imperative for maximizing growth and profitability, but few organizations can afford a team than can cover the depth and breadth of data science skills they may need. Complex data engineering, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms/dashboard development may all be needed to take full advantage of a company’s data assets.  It simply isn’t practical for most companies to nurture enough of these capabilities in-house.

But at Fulcrum Analytics, we love data science so much…it’s all we do.  With over 20 years of growing analytics expertise, we have the capabilities to accelerate just about any data science initiative.  We’ve found that the best way to help our clients is by giving them access to all our capabilities through dedicated data science and engineering resources.

We call it DSAT 2.5 - a Data Science Acceleration Team made up of ½ a manager’s time and the right mix of data engineers, data scientists, software engineers, and business analysts for each company’s unique data science program.  It eliminates the hassle of project by project proposals and allows us to change focus and team members as your priorities change.  We’ve also found that it helps streamline the process of finding and executing the highest impact projects for our clients.

A variety of players big and small in banking and insurance have made use of this flexible service:

  • A start up data services company provides packaged external data sources to the insurance and banking industries. They needed to scale up their data science and engineering capabilities in short order. They used Fulcrum’s DSAT for our deep financial industry knowledge and data engineering skills. We were able to provide the right mix of engineering and domain knowledge to tackle a variety of problems and accelerate the company's ability to service its clients.   

  • A global investment bank currently uses our  DSAT to plan and execute a variety of high priority data-intensive problems, including:   

    • Tagging, tracking and reporting for their research portal.

    • Creating a test and learn framework to enable more efficient testing and    comprehensive feedback.

    • Developing a world class sales tool to identify clients who are likely purchasers of various illiquid positions.

    • Enacting alerts so that managers can quickly identify actionable changes in the client behavior or desk performance.  

  • Another global investment bank uses Fulcrum’s DSAT to develop client segmentation and expand personalized experiences for clients on its high traffic web portal.   

  • A major insurance carrier currently uses our DSAT to improve pricing models, provide automation for the underwriting process, create reporting and alerts to reduce errors in the pricing and underwriting process, and develop a next-generation pricing tool. We employ our insurance domain knowledge, statistical modeling experience, and process automation skills to create exactly what they need.

Our service is unique because we can choose from our vast experience in data engineering, data science and application development to provide you just what you need to complement your existing capabilities -- whether you're a startup with no data science team or a multi-billion dollar financial company with more projects than you have the skill and bandwidth to support. From client work to product development to training client teams - we thrive on our ability to collaborate.

Find out how Fulcrum’s DSAT can help you tackle your most challenging data-intensive problems.