About Us

About Us

Our approach does not just provide recommendations — we deliver all the way to end-user implementation and take accountability for your real business results.

We Start With Data

We have 25+ years experience working with just about every kind of data.

We help you develop use cases for your existing data assets and identify any missing data needed to solve your most critical problems. We then help you collect and integrate the data you need through:

  • Analytically driven custom research.
  • Modern web tagging and tracking to collect the right data from your customers.
  • Integration of unstructured external data sources.
  • Matching third party data to your internal customer database.
  • Finding other innovate ways to augment your data assets.
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We Develop Cutting-Edge Analytical Solutions

Our approach to analytics is simple.

  • We holistically assess your business problems to define use cases and identify quick-wins for data science execution while developing a long-term analytics plan.
  • Our team stays at the forefront of data science so we can implement the most practical solution to achieve innovation.
  • We closely collaborate with your team to produce actionable outcomes.

We Deliver Enterprise Applications

We apply best practices that are market tested and value-proven.

  • We integrate our workbench of business-level web applications with your systems to facilitate fast translation of data and analytics.
  • We work with you to integrate the resulting apps and models into your business infrastructure – with minimal taxing of your internal resources.
  • We test and configure our applications to ensure a feedback loop continually collects and provides information to improve the process.
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Meet the leadership team

Richard Vermillion

Richard Vermillion has served as Fulcrum’s CEO since 2011, and was the company’s CTO from 1996 through 2011. In his former role, he was the chief architect of Fulcrum’s technology products and service offerings.

As the CEO, he led a management buy-out of Fulcrum in 2013 and built up Fulcrum’s modern data science and engineering capabilities. In 2015, he led the spin-out of After, Inc., the leading provider of warranty analytics solutions, and acted as After's CEO until its successful sale in 2017. Now full-time at Fulcrum, Richard continues to contribute to the development of the company’s technology platform and to key client relationships.

Before joining Fulcrum, Richard worked for McKinsey & Co. He holds a B.S.E. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.



Mike Finegold

Mike Finegold, Advisor, has been with Fulcrum since 2013. He advises on the research and development of new analytical solutions to meet the changing needs of clients and take advantage of the variety and quantity of data now available.

He has led the development of data science solutions at several of the world’s largest investment banks and insurance carriers. Prior to Fulcrum, he held faculty positions with the Statistics Department at Carnegie Mellon University and the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University. His research focused on modeling consumer preferences, inferring latent network structures, and designing marketing experiments for social networks. Prior to academia, he worked for several years as a management consultant, business development manager, and educator.

He received an AB in Mathematics from Princeton University and a PhD in Statistics from the University of Chicago.



Tara Piazza

Tara Piazza is the COO, overseeing Fulcrum's operational and marketing functions in addition to partnering with clients to deliver exceptional insights.

Tara additionally oversees Fulcrum Analytics research practice, where she applies over twenty years of market research experience across a wide range of industries. Prior to joining Fulcrum, Tara worked for the Advertising Research Foundation, and boutique market research provider David & Associates.

Tara received a B.A. in Sociology from Colgate University, and an M.B.A. from NYU’s Stern School of Business.