The core objective of every engagement is bringing our clients to the forefront of data science. We partner with some of the world's best companies to unlock multi-million dollar opportunities from their data.

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Data Science Consulting

We help clients profit and grow through advanced analytics, data-driven insights, and implementation services. Throughout the years, clients have sought our expertise in data and technology to solve business problems such as:

  • Uncovering business value buried under mountains of claims data
  • Improving marketing efficiency
  • Optimizing sales and trading operations

Creating hands-on applications and integrating analytics into an existing infrastructure or business model is what we do best.

Market Research

Fulcrum Analytics was founded as a market research company in 1993. Our market research team brings the right balance of rigor and business savvy to help our clients with projects such as:

  • Finding the optimal mix of features for a future product
  • Segmenting customers for marketing and product development purposes
  • Illuminating the “why” behind observed customer behavior

Our long-standing mission has been to decipher the patterns of data using cutting edge technology and analytical methods. Our specialists identify custom data points needed to answer the business questions at hand while determining the best way to collect data (methodology, population, and questionnaire language).

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