Our Data Science Acceleration Team (DSAT) 2.5 is great for any business looking to ramp up their data capabilities. A DSAT 2.5 package comes equipped with a team of interchangeable specialists fitted to your needs. To optimize your engagement outcomes, a mix of data scientists, engineers, developers and the project lead will work the equivalent of two and a half full time resources. Whether you are a small startup with no data science team or a multi-billion dollar financial institution with more projects than the bandwidth you have to support, DSAT 2.5 can help move you forward.


Easy and fast

Get started ASAP. Just sign up for a team and we are sitting next to you, rolling up our sleeves, and making progress.

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We know that your needs can change — specialists swap in and out as needed for different aspects of the solution.

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Low risk

Did we mention that you can try for 3 months at a discounted rate? No obligation and you can choose to terminate at anytime.

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Domain expertise

25+ years of experience in banking, insurance, and retail — giving us the right mix of skill and knowledge to tackle even the toughest problems.

Sample success stories

A startup needed to scale up their data science and engineering capabilities in short order. They use DSAT 2.5 for our deep financial industry expertise and advanced data engineering skills. We provide them with the right mix of technical and domain knowledge to rapidly accelerate their client service.

A major insurance carrier uses DSAT 2.5 to: Improve pricing models; Help automate their underwriting process; Create alerts to reduce errors in pricing and underwriting; Develop a next-generation pricing tool.

A global sales and trading group currently uses DSAT 2.5 to plan and execute a variety of high priority data intensive problems including: Developing a world class sales tool to identify clients who are likely purchasers of illiquid positions; Enacting alerts so that managers can quickly identify actionable changes in client behavior or desk performance.

A global investment bank uses DSAT 2.5 to modernize tagging, tracking and reporting for their research portal. Also, we are creating a test and learn framework to enable more efficient experimentation and comprehensive feedback.