The healthcare industry harbors a massive amount of protected data. Our dedicated data scientists are here to uncover hidden potential and securely put your data to work for you.


We have experience across the healthcare industry creating solutions such as:

  • Medical fraud detection through applied statistical methods
  • Data-driven market strategies 
  • Acquisition modeling
  • Customer communication/retention 
  • Clinical program effectiveness evaluation
  • Securely setting up and maintaining HIPAA compliant website analytics dashboards

Fulcrum Impact™

Fulcrum Impact™ is an innovative tool, integrated into healthcare companies’ own environments, that allows their own analytics teams access to a semi-automated platform to make the evaluation of behavioral interventions more efficient, accurate, and repeatable.


Contains a database of customizable frameworks and reports, reducing the labor needed to prepare data, design models, and build reports

Computer screen with GUI

Allows users to plug in data, benchmark metrics, build perimeters and analyze the outcomes, all through a simple UI

Report with checkmark

Enforces consistency and provides a repository of past interventions and evaluation results to facilitate evaluations at scale

Whether you need help operationalizing data processes to reduce cost, generating revenue, selling more efficiently, streamlining processes, or managing risk, we’re ready to help you take the next step.


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Fulcrum creates apps that put your data to work and make a meaningful impact on the efficiency of your business. Fulcrum can host these apps for you, or build the apps for you within your own environment. In all cases, the applications we build have the same goal: to put the power of data at your fingertips for better business decision making.