Featured App: ClearGrade

There are a lot of factors that go into renewal pricing at the customer, book, and portfolio levels. How do you settle on a renewal price while taking into account a variety of considerations? Our app tells you what you need to know.

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Fulcrum creates apps that put your data to work and make a meaningful impact on the efficiency of your business. Fulcrum can host these apps for you, or build the apps for you within your own environment. In all cases, the applications we build have the same goal: to put the power of data at your fingertips for better business decision making.

How we have helped clients

Digital Fusion:

A regional retail store chain needed to accomplish faster and more accurate decision making regarding digital offers for customers. Utilizing our hosted computing platform, we collected data across POS, web traffic, email campaign, and display ad platforms to create micro-segments of categorized customers, modeled winnable share by customer for each product category, and generated personalized target offers based on the web, purchase, and redemption behavior, all available through a web-based UI.

Sales Recommender:

An investment bank sought a data-driven solution to identify clients’ trade interests through the use of predictive models and a machine learning feedback loop. We combined internal data with market data and applied predictive analytic techniques to effectively prioritize end-clients and provided a product matching engine to enable the right suggestion to the right end-client at the right time.

Data Anomaly Detector:

A leading Insurance client wanted to streamline its multi-step and labor-heavy scoring process of a pricing model to improve efficiency. We parameterized and centralized configuration files to reduce turnaround time and errors, built QA checks within scripts to provide quick diagnosis for unexpected results, streamlined the feedback process and standardized the input template to minimize room for error, and developed a model tracking report that refreshed upon each update to track population shifts and performance changes, all available through a web-based UI.