Managed Services for Big Data

Big data technologies can help companies of all sizes uncover exceptionally valuable data connections. But the learning curve and upfront time investment often prevent businesses that need it the most from digging into their data.

Fulcrum has been helping companies with their big data goals through the deployment of our private cloud and managed services on our Anvil™ platform. The Anvil platform combines scalable, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure with best-in-class managed services. Anvil is powered by OpenStack, the leading open source private cloud platform, offering technologies ranging from server virtualization, database servers, and Hadoop big data services, to Docker containers, Kubernetes, micro services, and GPU processing. Fulcrum undergoes a yearly SOC-2 Type II audit and client environments are built to the highest standard of security and adhere to PCI and HIPAA standards.

Fulcrum Anvil private cloud is built for big data

The private cloud hosts hadoop clusters for organizations that require a data lake to house collections of large, disparate, structured and unstructured data. Fulcrum's big data environments allows organizations to test big data strategies without capital investment or staffing impact. Our managed services for big data is often used as an Agile Analytics Lab, and gives clients rapid, cost-effective access to technology, platforms, and expertise. It is perfect for proofs-of-concept, evaluating new tools and techniques, and determining where to make more permanent investments. Additionally, the lab can facilitate the construction of enterprise-level data reservoirs for production-optimized for analytics.

Client Analytics and Development teams VPN into Fulcrum’s private cloud to write applications to solve business problems. These teams collaborate among themselves in code review applications, and document repositories and personal and shared development such as Jupyter Notebook. Because Anvil is fully managed, client teams are never alone. Fulcrum’s technical staff of Data Engineers and Data scientists are available to help these teams to resolve technical and data-related issues.


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Fulcrum Anvil is managed by experts

Anvil managed services are operated by network and system administrators with decades of experience and expertise in virtual technology, networking, and security. The platform, which scales to terabytes of RAM, petabytes of storage and thousands of vCPU is monitored 24/7/365 by Operations and Infrastructure teams. Fulcrum employs two tiers of monitoring. Monitoring is primarily done at the host level, to ensure that machines and services responsible for keeping the platform and applications operational are running as expected. The second tier of monitoring is done with third-party web monitoring from testing sites around the world, utilizing custom scripts to test complex interactions with websites. These checks not only verify that applications are running, but ensure that they are able to complete complex transactions they’re meant to serve.


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How we have helped clients

A regional bank was seeking a streamlined method to organize their disparate massive data sources into a single location to start generating business insights. They partnered with Fulcrum to utilize our Agile Analytics Lab to experiment with Big Data solutions. We created reusable data processing pipelines, established a central repository, cubed the data using Hive and Spark, and stored output tables in HBase and Impala for the bank's employees to access directly for analysis.

Fulcrum creates apps that put your data to work and make a meaningful impact on the efficiency of your business. Fulcrum can host these apps for you, or build the apps for you within your own environment. In all cases, the applications we build have the same goal: to put the power of data at your fingertips for better business decision making.