Market Research

Customer segmentation for a tax preparation service


Client challenge

The client was seeking to identify customer segments to allow for targeted marketing strategies, in addition to better understanding their competition and satisfaction levels to unlock untapped opportunities.


How we helped
  • We recruited consumers, drafted and hosted the survey questionnaire, and executed the survey
  • We performed a latent class segmentation statistical model to identify homogeneous customer groups based on behavioral and attitudinal survey responses
  • Lastly, we analyzed competitor strengths and weaknesses in order to help identify product features and services to pursue as future offerings


Fulcrum classified customers into segments based on attitudes and behaviors, provided guidance for an optimized marketing strategy based on segmentation analysis, and helped prioritize product development opportunities.

Market research for a global home and building solutions provider


Client challenge
The client was pursuing guidance for their product development, specifically in deciding which new features to offer for their connected home water heaters. Fulcrum was commissioned to design and execute a survey with discrete choice modeling to determine the optimal feature bundle to include in the new product.


How we helped
  • Our team recruited consumers of the client’s target audiences, drafted the survey questionnaire, designed the discrete choice testing sequence within the survey, and executed the survey against existing customer segmentation
  • We then performed discrete choice modeling on the resulting data set to determine the optimal feature bundles and estimated amounts customers would be willing to pay for each incremental feature


Fulcrum identified consumers’ preferences for a new product, helped prioritize product features for subsequent engineering and UX development phases, and forecasted the optimal product pricing based on willingness-to-pay analyses.

Brand tracking across various survey streams


Client challenge
A retail bank in the US sought to understand its customer satisfaction and loyalty relative to those of its competitors, along with relative strengths and weaknesses across a battery of brand characteristics and attributes across several customer groups:

  • “Direct Customers” for a general customer satisfaction survey
  • “Advised Customers” who were using the bank’s investment services through an Advisor to understand their customer experience
  • “Lapsed Customers” who had drawn down their account to nearly nothing and had no activity for a certain period of time to understand the reasons for reducing their relationship
  • “New Customers” were surveyed within the first 2 weeks of opening a new account to understand the new customer experience


How we helped

We collaborated with the client on the design of the original questionnaires, and throughout the duration of the tracking study. While each survey had its own objectives and benchmark metrics, certain brand attributes were measured consistently across customer groups for comparison as well as for additional time-based assessments of changes.


Fulcrum tracked customer attitudes from different phases of customer journey to help develop strategies for operational and website changes, identify areas of improvements (including benchmark scores) and simplify forms while optimizing the timing of communications within different accounts.

Brand tracking study for an online bank


Client challenge

Fulcrum tracked consumers’ brand associations and satisfaction with various metrics over the years, identified levers for improving upon desired outcomes, and identified competitive threats and opportunities during a period of upheaval in consumer banking.


How we helped
  • We designed and executed a study over the course of several years, collaborated with the client on the design of the questionnaire and managed the respondent recruitment throughout the duration of brand tracking
  • We performed a driver analysis at the conclusion of each survey to identify the brand metrics that were impacting the satisfaction, retention and NPS ratings


Fulcrum tracked consumers’ satisfaction with various metrics over the years, identified levers for improving upon desired outcomes, and helped identify competitive threats and opportunities during a period of upheaval in consumer banking.

Consumer decision process


Client challenge

A high-end exercise equipment manufacturer was looking to conduct a study surrounding their customers’ decision making process. The goal of this study was to understand purchasing behavior as well as the key factors that influence sales and customer attitudes towards warranties.


How we helped
  • We designed and deployed an online survey among customers and non-customers in the market for a particular type of product at a specific price point.
  • We then mapped the customer journey, providing insights into action steps the manufacturer should take to capture customer interest ahead of purchase; to maximize sales effectiveness at the retailer level; and to keep customers engaged with the brand after purchase.


Fulcrum analyzed which market the equipment manufacturer should target, which led to recommendations on channel partner selection, training and incentives for the sales staff, and what type of pre-and post-sales customer services would attract potential and retain existing customers.

International market research for a global electronic product provider


Client challenge

The client needed to conduct a quantitative research survey among small home-based business owners globally to help narrow down the most important features for a new home-office product.

The country-specific research also aimed to uncover customer preference due to historical and cultural factors and provide insights for region-specific marketing decisions. 

Fulcrum hosted, programmed, and translated the survey and collaborated with vendors across five countries on three continents to gather and QA data for this initiative.


How we helped
  • Fulcrum incorporated the client’s country-specific segment typing tool logic into the online surveys to classify respondents during screening for quota sampling.
  • Fulcrum researched and problem-solved issues that arose due to regional differences in order to recruit the required nature and number of respondents given low incidence rates. 
  • Fulcrum performed ongoing comprehensive data integrity testing and provided comprehensive tabulation reporting.


Fulcrum managed the international panels, translations, and survey hosting; problem-solved for regional recruiting difficulties and provided ongoing data integrity analysis; and integrated data across all countries for a comprehensive dataset by country and segment.