Client challenge
The client needed an easy to access and fully automated tool that would help them understand the impacts of price, marketing campaigns, and discount levels on their profits and sales numbers across all products.


How we helped
  • We developed and implemented dashboard reporting to automatically provide standard business focused metrics such as spend per household, average spend, basket size, etc. to a wide range of users, with filtering available by product, line of business, region, and store
  • We applied regression techniques to the observed data to provide visualization of trends and generate insights
  • We programmed the reporting tool to provide recommended best price ranges for each product based on past weeks performance and conditions (price, quantity sold, and profit)


Fulcrum developed and implemented specialized metrics via flexible and easy to use dashboard reports to optimize pricing and promotions.


Client challenge
The client was seeking to improve incremental customer spending through personalized product promotions delivered via email, as well as integrating delivery with digital coupons on loyalty cards, all while tracking user experience end to end -- from email delivery, to open, to click to add coupon/redemption.


How we helped
  • We built an offer bank of product-specific promotions to individuals based on prior purchase and cross sell optimization models we built
  • We delivered a personalized set of promotions via email and built an interactive pop-up micro site to add promotions to the customer’s loyalty card in real time
  • We developed online dashboard reporting on ROI and individual promotion performance


Fulcrum developed tools to formulate and offer granular, personalized offers based on product opportunities, a big data platform hosting the end-to-end of the process, and implemented testing to determine the optimal means to drive more trips, build bigger baskets, and yield higher margins.

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Client challenge

A Fulcrum client wanted to measure a mass media campaign’s impact on new customer acquisition at the local and store level.

The challenge was measuring advertising impact at the local and store level, as each market included in the campaign had stores with varying performance levels, competitive pressures, and demographic compositions.


How we helped
  • We built matched control groups at the store and market levels by matching stores in treated markets with comparable stores in untreated markets, based on a number of relevant criteria
  • We calculated the results of the campaign’s impact at the local market level as well as aggregated for total campaign performance
  • The finely matched control group process allowed for result measurement by other important dimensions such as store format, population density, and proximity to competitors


Fulcrum’s quasi-experimental design allowed for macro and micro level results analysis.


Client challenge

  • The client sought to build and enact a relationship marketing operation that would increase sales revenue and profit from existing customer relationships
  • To enable this strategy, the client needed help developing a powerful customer segmentation and predictive modeling toolset
How we helped
  • We built and implemented a multi-dimensional segmentation solution that assigned customer households into unique segments and sub-segments based on relationship cycle, purchase behaviors, value contribution and demographics
  • We also built and implemented a relationship marketing experimental design environment to support sophisticated and accelerated testing that aimed to increase customer value, sales revenue, and profit from direct marketing investments
Fulcrum built and implemented a multi-dimensional segmentation and experimental design solution that enabled the client to test and refine its relationship marketing strategy, resulting in increased revenue, profit, and customer value.


Client challenge

A pricing software company used a process of measuring sales lift from its in-store marketing collateral service, but sought an expert review of its test design and measurement process.

They were seeking:

  • A deep evaluation of their statistical methodology used to calculate lift
  • An assessment of its client deliverables and claims about lift and significance
  • Recommendations on a more efficient and standardized measurement process


How we helped
  • Fulcrum independently created a matched control group design and performed the sales lift analysis without reference to the analysis already conducted
  • The matched control group parameters were tested for sensitivity, and all data was checked for quality
  • We compared our results to the original results and documented recommended improvements in sampling and experimental design


Fulcrum independently validated the measured outcomes, provided more granular insights, and suggested process improvements.


Client challenge

An eCommerce platform provider had a homegrown php system for their entertainment industry clients.

Initially, they had limited Adobe analytics tagging on their site, but the tagging javascript put into their php template was becoming cluttered and upgrading their system of tagging and tracking was cumbersome.


How we helped
  • Fulcrum helped take all of the tagging out of the php templates and put it into a tag manager tool and standardized the capture rules
  • We audited the tagging rules and added more as needed for analysis
  • We built a vendor-neutral data layer to notify other marketing tools of capture events and variables


Fulcrum identified how to best upgrade the eCommerce tagging and tracking system, methodically audited tagging rules for best results, and implemented code to capture events and variables necessary to stay ahead of the competition.